We enjoyed a WOWSER drive by Donner Lake.....

We could not drive all the way to Donner Pass...maybe next time..:-)

Beautiful homes on the lake..


Our first snowman of the year...

Side view...:-)

Braves Snowman...:-)

View of the Donner summit from the lake..

Loved this beautiful lodge by the lake, Tinker's Landing..

Grocery Store..

Wowser homes...


The snow covered berries on this tree looked like little Santas hanging...

Close view..

The park was closed today..

This memorial shows how high the snow was when the Donner Party...

They have a nice museum and campground too..

Last one!

We went on a “WOWSER” drive today to see Donner Lake and Donner Memorial State Park. The park was closed, it was still beautiful to see, it was covered with snow. We visited this park before and did an update about it and the museum last time. This time we drove all around the Donner Lake, we wanted to drive over the top of Donner Pass, it was closed unless you had snow tires or chains. A bummer. :-) We enjoyed playing by the lake in the snow and made our first snowman of the year.

Few places in the U.S. have such a deadly history with regard to epic snowstorms as the Sierra Nevada range in California. The most infamous story was that of the Donner party. An early-season snowstorm trapped the 87 pioneers near Truckee, below the pass that would later be renamed for them, for much of the winter of 1846-1847. Less than 50 survived the ordeal.

I am adding a picture of a 23-foot statue from the park. It was built to commemorate the Donner Party traveling to California from the east in the mid-19th century. The statue itself is positioned 23 feet high, which is said to be the depth snow reached during the winter of 1846 when the Donner Party failed to make it over the pass. It was amazing how deep the snow was. Such a sad story for such a beautiful area. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them. It was like driving through a winter wonderland. Check back later for more from Nevada.

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