Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

the Pacific Coast at Northern California

fishing in the surf

some of the tallest trees on Earth

a tree hugger :)

Katie had a flight out of Portland in just a couple of days so we hightailed it out of SF and headed towards Oregon. On the way we stopped at Redwoods national park. I was excited to see the giant redwood trees and was very enthusiastic when we stopped at the visitors center at the edge of the forest just a few minutes before they were set to close up. My enthusiasm was dampened when we got our map and went to head out of the parking lot. The car started and then died. I tried again with the same result. Great. I was hoping to get more than a couple thousand miles out of it before problems started popping up. Some of the other visitors tried to help us out and we were about to call AAA when the rangers nicely asked if we could try to move it out of the gated parking lot so they could lock up. We then discovered that if you turned the key and stomped on the gas it would keep running. We debated about whether to still call AAA, but then decided to drive without turning the car off to the next big town. The tension kind of ruined the redwood experience, but the humungous trees are definitely a worthwhile site.

The next day the car started fine, so we decided to pretend it hadn't happened.

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