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It was the most miles we have driven in one day since we leaving Rising Sun. Having arrived in Athens, Alabama we are in our last campground before the home stretch. The rain came down much of the drive yesterday and I was soaked by the time we were hitched up from both the rain and the cup of coffee I spilled all over my jeans.

The most interesting thing I have to report is the last thirty miles there were dead chickens on the road. When I told this to the campground host he said they shoot them up with hormones and things. They are full grown in six weeks and their legs can't support the weight so when they pack them in cages for transport some are in and some are out, doors come open,and chickens litter the highway. It was weird because we also saw loaves of bread along the same stretch of highway. Dick referred to it as road kill stuffing.

It was wonderful to have supper with Cathy and her family. Dick and I are out of small talk after 3000 miles in the truck together. My grand niece, Marissa , who is 4, had long hair way down past her waist. It was beautiful . She allowed them to cut it off yesterday at Locks for Love event. She told me that sick girl whose hair fell off could wear hers now. She seemed quite happy to be able to share hers.

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