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With our fridge apparently working just as it should, we departed Elk City at 8:45 this morning. Marilyn had decided to drive her car again today.

The wind was howling out of the north and the temperature was falling into the mid forties.

We fought the wind for three hours and arrived in Amarillo at Oasis RV Resort right at 12:00 noon.

We had been told by the gentleman we spoke with when we tried to make reservations, that we should just come on in, select a spot to park, and then come check in.

The last time we were here was in 2009 and the office was in a nice building on the north side of the park, so Bob and I each selected a site, then changed to another site when we had problems with the first site selected.

Once we were all set up, we drove to the building where the office was located the last time we were here, only to find that building deserted.

We then drove to a building located right at the entrance, noticed a small vertical sign on the corner of the building, which said “Check In”. Great!

Bob and I walked in together and were greeted by two older ladies with the words “You are the two guys who just drove in and parked without checking in!”

I began to explain that we were instructed to do just that, but they continued to be extremely rude, basically informing us that there was no excuse for doing what we had done!

I mentioned that we had driven to the old office and were again treated with extreme rudeness, being informed that the office has been located right next to the entrance for three years.

I mentioned that we had been here three years ago and the office was not in the building it is presently in.

I wondered how we were supposed to know that things had changed. I mentioned that we knew there was a new owner and they said, rudely again, “There has only been new ownership for one month!”

I have no idea what that was supposed to mean, as we knew that the new owners had only taken over last month.

In any case, Bob and I discussed leaving and going somewhere else but were already committed, trucks unhitched, etc, so we bit the bullet, paid our fee and walked out discussing the fact that we would NEVER return to this RV Park.

We loaded our lovely brides into the car and drove to Palo Duro Canyon to show that beautiful place to our friends.

We had a good time exploring the park, then returned to Amarillo in time to have dinner at the “Big Texan”.

The steaks were tasty but had a bit more gristle than they should for that price, for sure.

However, that is one more item crossed off the bucket list.

As we returned to the RV Park, we stopped at a “Loves” filling station to fuel the car.

First, the card reader was inoperative, so Bob took my card into the station. I waited for the pump to be turned on, then noticed Bob walking toward me. They need my driver’s license also, to make sure I am the same guy who is using the card. I handed my license to Bob, who took it inside. The pump came on and I filled the car, then walked inside knowing that they would not allow Bob to sign my credit card.

Then I learned that because the car took less than $25 worth of gas, no signature is required. Sigh….

We returned to the Park to get our trucks and take them for a fill up of diesel fuel.

I used a different pump because of the inoperative card reader and the card reader I now had, declined my card. Grrrrr….

Soon things returned to normal, the truck was topped off with fuel, and we drove back to the RV.

I had mentioned somewhere along the way, to those two rude old ladies, that we had no water at our site and it appeared that no one had been there so I walked back to the office, totally aggravated and disappointed about the state of this RV park.

A younger and infinitely nicer lady behind the counter assured me that our water was indeed working fine and all I needed to do was raise the handle completely over the top of the vertical riser.

I told her about the two older ladies and how rude they had been, and she assured me that she would have a talk with them.

This lady, Jo Lisa, is the manager and was very nice.

So I’ll leave it up to you readers who may wish to stop here in Amarillo as you pass through some time.

I hate to be negative about an entire park because of the attitude of two old ladies, especially when the manager is so nice.

The internet was extremely slow, almost non-existent, even with four bars and a strong signal. They must purchase a small amount of bandwidth because we tried all evening to get on line to post this journal. We want to post pictures also but need a better internet than this one.

Other than the items mentioned, the park is quite nice and it remains to be seen whether we’ll return here when we pass through next spring.

All in all, it was a mixed bag today, with fun, stress, new adventures, and some serious aggravation.

No matter what, I’ll keep the positive attitude because I am convinced that Life is Good!

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