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If you were asked “What is the one thing you can’t live without,” how would you answer the question? For me, it would be my laptop with Internet access (a distant second to my ‘main man’!)

We use the laptop for so many things. We research our trips and where we will stay along the way. We pay nearly all of our bills online. Since we don’t have a TV, we download news programs from BBC or NPR. I like to surf the web, sometimes a little too much! Once in a while, I’ll download a university lecture. We stay in touch with friends and family through email. The computer and the Internet have impacted our lives dramatically. I can hardly remember a time without it.

However, about a week ago, there was one other thing that I discovered I relied on more than I thought. Don’t laugh now – it was my microwave. Yes, folks, I was cooking a couple of potatoes in the microwave and when I pushed the button to open the microwave door and the door wouldn’t open. The spring connected to the door latch apparently broke or snapped. No potatoes for lunch; no microwave for two days. We had to cook the old fashioned way. There was no more boiling water for our morning coffee in the microwave. It was back to using the stove in the morning along with reheating leftovers for dinner on the stove. I hadn’t defrosted anything for dinner for the next day since I rely on the microwave for that task. Time for Plan B for next day’s dinner.

Of course, the microwave we had came with the trailer and fit perfectly in a specific cabinet. And guess what, there is no such thing as a standard sized microwave. The one we bought was smaller than the broken one and would require a bit of a work to secure it in place. Our friend, Bill, brought over some tools and wood and to help Art get the microwave set up and secured. Yippeee…quite a revelation to discover another thing I couldn’t live without. I wonder how many more things would fit that category.

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