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Country road in Iowa

Amana farm at sunset

Corn ready for harvest

Orange sky at sunset

Dusk over Iowa farmland

Cattle looking for some shade

Sue and I at the Field of Dreams

The story of the "Field of Dreams"

The Field of Dreams

Is that Shoeless Joe coming out of the corn

The 1919 Chicago Black Sox arrived on the field from the corn

Building a new field for a Major League Game next year

One of several painters capturing the scene today

Sue's never seen field corn before

We're back in Delaware

You have to be flexible when you travel by RV. We had planned on heading north to Minnesota and then west to South Dakota to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder site of Little House on the Prairie. The weather forecast changed our mind. A major snowstorm (12-24") is supposed to hit the Dakotas and Western Minnesota Between Wednesday and Friday. Rain is forecast for Iowa so we'll stay here in Amana for another day or two before venturing west in Iowa. I need to kill about 2 weeks while we wait for Winnie's entry door window to be delivered to an RV dealer in Forest City, IA near the Winnebago factory. Because of the winter weather, we are planning to stay in Iowa until the window arrives. Our whole itinerary has been turned upside down.

The weather has been really nice since the rain over the weekend with highs in the 70's and and clear skies for the most part. We took advantage of the nice weather to visit Dyersville, IA about 60 miles away. Just outside of town is the Field of Dreams movie site. You can't come to this part of the state without visiting. For those who don't know or don't remember, Field of Dreams tells the story of an Iowa farmer who plows up part of his corn crop to build a baseball field, and then the ghosts of famous dead players come and play baseball on it. The story revolves around the 1919 Black Sox Scandal (Chicago White Sox). Ray Kinsella, the owner of the farm in the movie hears a voice while walking through the corn whispering, "If you build it, he will come", and sees a vision of a baseball diamond in his field. Ray convinces his wife that he should build the field and he does. Months later a ball player appears, whom Ray recognizes as Shoeless Joe Jackson, a deceased player his father idolized. Joe asks if others can play and returns with the seven additional Black Sox players.

There's really nothing at the site except the baseball field, a small gift shop, and the farm owners house that you can tour. I guess people come because the film touched them and want to be there to experience the "magic" of the movie. Even though the owners have tried to keep the "movie set" much as it was when the filming was done in the 1980's, there is a new stadium under construction nearbywhere the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox will play on August 13, 2020. No word on when tickets will go on sale.

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