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Looking for a Photo Op viewpoint

Mt. Baker Ski Area

Crows adorning the Ski Area sign

Lovely views of snowy mountain peaks

I bet these are glacial snow

We saw a long waterfall

The road was almost blocked by snow that had tumbled down

Small pond surrounded by snow

Folks practicing some climbing techniques

Maybe a Glacier?

Ski area

Snow hikers

The road to the viewpoint is blocked with snow

We have seen many areas of this Columnar Basalt Lav like this

Ski lifts and snow mobiles

Melting snow waterfalls

More melted snow tumbled onto the road

Waterfall in the distance

Waterfall next to the side of the road

Another snow melt waterfall

Mt Baker is the tallest of the 5K to 10K foot peaks...

Lunch at the Brewery had hops growing out front by their sign

We decided to see if we all could find some closer views of Mt Baker so headed off towards the ski area.

There was still plenty of snow on the ground, but not enough on the ski slopes. However, there was still too much snow on the road to the viewpoint, and the road was blocked. They don’t clear it they wait until summer sun melts it away. The mountain peaks of this North Cascades area range from 5,600’ to 10,781’.

We still had some awesome views of snowy peaks, and watched some people practicing some climbing techniques, how to secure a line while climbing in the snow.

On our drive we did see a lot of exposed rocky formations that reminded me of the Devil’s Post Pile in Mammoth Mountains of California. The basalt lava as it cools, cracks into octagonal columns. We also saw many snow melt waterfalls along the highway.

On the way home, down from the mountain, we stopped at North Fork Brewery (pizza & subs) for lunch. Since they are a brewery, there was some hops growing out in front by their sign.

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