Double Cruise Journey via the Suez Canal travel blog

Map of Suez Canal


The Suez Canal was officially completed in 1869. It ‘s 101 miles long and 984 feet wide. Today the Suez Canal is operated by the Sues Canal Authority. The Canal it’s self begins at The Mediterranean Sea at Point Said, flows through Ismailia in Egypt, and ends at Suez on the Gulf of Suez. It also has a railroad running the entire length parallel to its West Bank.

The canal can accommodate ships with a vertical height (draft) of 62 feet or 210,000 dead weight tons. Most of the Suez is not wide enough for two ships to pass side by side. To accommodate this, there is one shipping lane and several passing bays where ships can wait for others to pass.

There are no locks because the water from the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea’s Gulf have approximately the same water level. It takes from 11 to 16 hours to pass through the Canal and ships must go at low speed to prevent erosion of the canals banks by the ships waves.

About 50 ships pass through the canal daily. it supports 8% of the worlds shipping traffic.

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