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Segovia, surely this is where I shall meet my Spanish Cabillero, knight in white shining armour, as opposed to our Cabillero with the swinging pony tail, the Alcazar looks like a good spot to start looking.

Ahhh San Sebastián was fun and Evan’s favourite city, Evan you and Rach would not have got further than the beaches, such a lovely place, I could’ve stayed longer.

Five hours on the train through pretty boring countryside to Segovia and entertainment was somewhat lacking as Trumps 1st cousin, unfortunately, like her Uncle Donald, had consumed one too many burgers and was decidedly unwell. Snacks were limited and unlike Donald who has just thrilled the world with the announcement of his achievements since becoming president, his cousin was keeping a slightly lower profile this morning.

We are staying in a delightful old hostel right beside the ancient, attractive and well preserved aqueduct which runs right through the old town and made for great photos at sunset last night.

Segovia is only an hour from Madrid in the heart of Castilla and surrounded by mountains. The surrounding scenery is stunning and the old town is made up of twisting alleyways and many Romanesque Churches.

A tiny little town with a massive very well preserved and beautiful Aqueduct. The old town is surrounded by medieval walls and then you have the Alcazar which is beautiful and supposedly Walt Disney’s inspiration for sleeping Beauty. I climbed all the way up the tower for magnificent views across the city and then did the same on the Aqueduct at sunset, with the light on the walls.

The Old Jewish Quarter as usual is what really interested me and I spent a lot of time in the museum which apart from the history of Jewish people in Segovia, concentrated on the Converted Jewish families which saved their lives as well as the story of an inspiring man called Laguna.

Again the food here is amazing, the speciality is baby suckling pig and baby lamb.

Our Greek Goddess researched one of the best places for this delicacy and after a sunset Segovia version of a Sangria beside the Aqueduct, we including Robyn with military precision and Trumps first cousin who had made a miraculous recovery, enjoyed the most succulent suckling pig and baby lamb imaginable for dinner.

We don’t have much time in Segovia, however it is a small place, really interesting and again with a lovely feel about it and away from the crowds.

It was interesting chatting to some people in San Sebastián yesterday, they had been through all the major European cities and complained about the unbearable crowds, queuing up for hours to get into museums etc. I chose this trip and have enjoyed it so much because we have been in smaller, less popular places which have been so interesting and easy to navigate with opportunities to meet the locals.

I’m already besties with the two Senoras who own this hostel we are staying in.

Madrid today, it will be hectic.

Nadine, how is Maddie enjoying staying in Gannys unit. Maddie is allowed to jump in a Gannys bed when playing 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed as long as you catch her when she falls off Gannys bed. She is also allowed to wear Gannys beads in my top drawer. I am missing her sooooo much. Hope you are all well.

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