South by Southeast late 2018 - early 2019 travel blog

We were dry when we left TGO and it was dry when we set up here at Fort McAllister State Park, but most of the drive today was pretty soggy. The rain was caused by a cold front coming through which is supposed to linger part of tomorrow causing more rain. Ken had to do much of the drive by Braille after a windshield wiper came loose in the gusty wind. It was clear that heading north April 1 wasn't an original idea. I-95 was full of motor homes and trailers; when we stopped for lunch at a rest area, the parking lot was full.

Although our campsite at The Great Outdoors was spacious for resort-style camping, here in the state park we feel like we are really back in nature. There may be a campfire in our future. We drove here through salt marshes past a winding river to a forest full of tall pines, palm trees and Spanish moss. The satellite dish couldn't find a satellite to connect to through the thick vegetation. But with our increased ability to get cellular wifi, this is much less of a problem than it used to be. We are in what could be a bedroom community for Savannah, so there's lots of TV available over the air as well. We'll be hearing about the murders in Savannah instead of the murders in Orlando.

Although it's rather cold today, the leaves are on the trees and azaleas and Bradford pears are blooming. After the rain passes by, there should be lots of great photo opps.

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