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Lady Banksia Rose blossoms

Rose tree trunk

Trellis system supports

Top of rose tree. 1000s of blossoms

Roses in Tombstone!!!???? We were watching the CBS Sunday Morning Show two or three months ago and they did a story about the largest rose bush/tree in the world. It was interesting, we enjoyed it and pretty much forgot about it. We arrived in Tombstone and while our B&B host was going over the history and highlights of the town he mentioned we need to be sure we see the largest rose tree in the world. We look at each other and... “Is that here”!!?? So we went to see it. It was amazing. The pictures hopefully do it justice. This plant is huge!! The brochure says it spreads over 8000 square ft of supports and is getting bigger ever year. It was planted by a young Scottish bride who came to Tombstone in the spring of 1885. It is 133 years old!

You can read more about it and the museum at

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