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Ferry Boat from Dawson City to the Top of the World Hwy

Top of the World Hwy1

Top of the World Hwy 2

Caribou in the mist

Road Conditions

Downtown Chicken AK

Jack Wade Gold

We left Dawson City after a fun few days and headed west on the Top of the World Hwy. The Hwy gets it name from the fact that it is built on top of the mountains instead of the typical valley construction. Unfortunately we traveled on a very rainy day and we spent quite a bit of the trip in the clouds. We did however get a short view of a couple of caribou herds.

There is always a question of how many miles you have to drive on unpaved roads on the way to Alaska. Well, the answer is really none. If you go right up to Anchorage or Fairbanks, the roads are all paved. The way we came, through Dawson City, there is however about 70 miles of unpaved roads. THEY CAN BE PRETTY ROUGH, BUT DON'T LET IT STOP YOU. ITS WORTH IT.

On the way, we went through Jack Wade Junction, which many of you knew our Jack and what a great guy he was. Obviously this was a different Jack Wade. This one owned a gold mine. We stopped at the Jack Wade Jewelry Store in Tok, AK where they showed us the 5# nugget that they found at their mine.

We stopped for the night in Chicken AK. Chicken got its name in 1899 when the towns people wanted to name the town Ptarmigan, which is a northern grouse. They were plentiful and basically kept the miners alive. The problem occurred when they could not agree on the proper spelling. They didn't want to be made fun of if they were incorrect, so they agreed to call the town Chicken. There is a picture of the downtown area.

The next day we arrived in Tok. We enjoyed a Sourdough Pancake Toss at the RV park and settled in for the night. There isn't much to do in Tok but we will rest up for an extra day before going to Fairbanks. We are scheduling haircuts. Joey and Cindy are both getting a little shaggy.

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