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Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef

Top of the boat

The reef from above

Cheese and wine :)

Dinner time

Our day started very early and very wet as we headed towards the 6.2 million dollar boat called Evolution.

The boat was amazing! It had three levels the lower two inside and the top deck outside, with bean bags to relax on.

We arrived at our first stop which was Saxon reef after a very bumpy 80 minute journey. Luckily we had taken some sea sick tablets as we were warned in advance!

The reef was beautiful and protected the boat from the strong waves which meant the seas were fairly calm by this point. We were in the first group to dive. The dive was only 20 minutes but we did manage to see some cool fish although we did not have the freedom to explore for ourselves.

After the dive we also took the opportunity to go snorkeling. Again we saw some exotic fish including Nemo which was the highlight of the first stop.

After a tasty lunch on the boat we moved to Hastings reef. The reef was amazing, close to the surface so that you could actually see some reefs poking out of the water. Given the visibility of the seas here, we opted to snorkle instead of dive. We saw so many varieties of fish it was wonderful. The highlight however was the brief sighting of a reef shark, something we knew was harmless but none the less made us swim for our lives!

The day ended with some cheese, biscuits and wine on the boat before we arrived back into Cairns harbour.

We finished our day with a nice home made dinner of cous cous, sweetcorn and tuna as we have pretty much blown our entire budget in the first week of being here!

Overall it was a wonderful day and one we will treasure for a long time.

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