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The Opera with shining gilded statues

Galleries Vivienne

In the garden of the Palais Royal

The significance of roses

Much brighter for my rest day so at breakfast at 7:30. David already there and then we were joined by Helen and Scott from Canberra, then Jan our leader and then Vivienne from Drouin so only five more names to learn and people to meet. We'll be a small group.

Eventually left the breakfast chat and headed to the Metro, first stop Opera. Had hoped for a tour but had to be satisfied with walking around as it was closed for some reason from Saturday to Monday. Using my map and the sun I found my way to Rue Vivienne and eventually the Vivienne Galleries. I'd read about them at some time as a collection of upmarket shops established so ladies could shop under cover. Now the home of many antique and book shops plus some interesting boutiques. Moving on I located the Palais Royal, another area not previously visited. Very elegant buildings surround a garden area flanked by rows of clipped trees and in the garden the roses are blooming well and at the end were more roses in pots as apparently this month is rose time and I'll send a picture of a poster giving information about roses. From what I could read there is a significance to the number of roses given but I haven't quite worked out the 101.

With trusty map I found Metro Pyramides and made my way on two lines to La Muette intending to visit Musee Marmotan- Monet, but had forgotten that it never opens on Monday (Lundi) but I had a lovely walk in the park area in what appears to be an upmarket area of Paris with a number of houses, obviously consulates, flying the flags of their countries. I bought myself a sandwich and a drink and after climbing all the Metro stairs a slice of clafoutis, all eaten on a park bench watching groups of students apparently preparing for class or exams maybe.

By then it was mid- afternoon so I worked out my return Metro journey to Villiers and popped up out of the station feeling quite at home. Met Vivienne at reception as I was getting my key and she asked if I knew Judy and Max Hastings....small world.

Now having some time resting my weary legs in preparation for a welcome dinner starting in the bar of this hotel and then who knows where?

Have now had a very pleasant dinner at the bistro across the road from the hotel - rabbit terrine, confit duck plus those yummy potatoes (Louise and Merrin will appreciate) and salad.

We start at 9 tomorrow heading to Monet's garden where I hope the roses will be blooming, then to Rouen before Bayeux at night.

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