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Termite mound higherthan a house (12 feet?)

The Kalahari desert

Traditional Zulu enclosure

Diamond mine tailings

Rhinos with horns

A BIG rhino

Rhino takes a bath after trying to kill his son

Mom and baby Rhino

Father Rhion (dark) visites his baby after a bath


Up before the sun and to the lodge to get a breakfast prepared by the hotel. It was OK but not great.

Then onto the Red Elephant and drive a long way with a couple bushy bushy stops. Also stopped for lunch under a tree next to the road. In the shade it was quite nice but the sun was brutal.

We finally arrived at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary and took the Red Elephant on a game watch. Saw a bunch of the normal guys then a couple rhinos off in the distance. We drove some more to near the water hole and there were six or seven around. One big bull chased away two younger males who ran squealing away. Shadrick said that had he caught them it would have been quite ugly.

couple giraffes wandered past along with some Guinea hens and vultures. We drove a bit further and saw a mother rhino with her baby. The big male came over and the baby greeted him very nicely. There were also a lot of gnus around. We got some really good pictures but night was falling so we headed back to the lodge.

The group was scattered all over the place in dual lodges. We got a chalet with Benno and Nicole. Faucet wouldn’t stop leaking so we rigged a bottle of water to weigh it down. Seemed to work.

Then the Red Elephant came back to pick us yup for dinner. I took the rest of the rum I had bought and shared with the group. Only Soo seemed interested so I drank a little too much. Then we all were driven back to our places and went to bed.

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