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Coffe and Tea Expo

Milk Vendor

Street Vendors

Me looking out

ECHO sign

Grinding banana stalks

Chicken House and catfish pond


Fruit from the farm

Lily and me checking out the fish tank


Today we started out by going to see an exhibit about one of the local people groups called the Lanna. They live here in Northern Thailand. There was a large exhibit at the Chiang Main International Convention Center and Expo Hall. There were lots of different sections. We started with the Coffee and Tea Expo. We also got to watch people making local crafts and saw a lot of clothes and jewelry.

After that, we met up with people that Ms. Karen son and daughter-in-law work with at the MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) Asian office here in Chiang Mia. We meet the reps for both South East Asia and Jacob and Kelly's bosses that are the Central Asian reps. Along with Min their office assistant we headed out for lunch together to have some authentic Thai food.

I was also able to get a few pictures while riding in the car today. There is lots of traffic all the time with lots of cars and motorbikes. Along the street, there are usually all kinds of vendors as well. When Lily got fussy in the car we looked through all my pictures and played find Cuddles.

After lunch we drove to the ECHO Asian Foundation office. ECHO's home office is in Fort Myers, Florida and you can go and have a tour some time. The work with sustainable farming in both rural and urban environments. It means they help be grow better food now matter where they live using as many local and easy to find ways as possible.

After watching a slide show we drove out to Marv Kahn Sustainable Agriculture and Development Center. The center works in partnership with the local ECHO office. At the farm, they are exploring ways to use banana stalks mixed with other items to create feed for pigs and chickens. The chicken house goes out over a pond of catfish. The catfish grow from what falls from the chicken house. The water from the catfish pond, in turn, can be used to water the fields where the bananas grow. Now the farmer has pigs, chickens, eggs, bananas, and catfish to eat all grown at a lower cost. He can also sell any surplus to others.

When we returned to town we ate a place called The Dash. They serve a giant fresh coconut with a straw so you can drink the coconut water out of it. Then you can take the spoon and scoop out the flesh to eat.

Now it is time for me to sit down and work on my blog.

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