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One of so many BIG boats

The beach goes for miles

Lots of people out

Last evening in Spain

Our last day in Spain. We have developed the Spanish habit of racing for a train. Even though trains run every couple of minutes you still run for the one that is coming in or just arrived at the station. The longest we've had to wait for a train is about three minutes. Why do we run? We are still being trained to walk on the right side of the footpath though. Slow learners. It was fun watching the news this morning. If there are three or four people involved in the interview they all speak at once. We also heard this on the train into town as four young women spoke so loud to be heard over each other at the same time. We went to the beach in Barcelona. It was a glorious day and a great place to stroll. About 10 km would you believe. Not many people swimming as the water is still freezing. There was the usual juxtaposition of really and I mean really wealthy and really poor people. The boats in the marina are indescribable. So many hawkers of tourist junk were there. Lots of people riding bikes, roller blades, scooters, pedal cars, Segways - just about anything. Back home on the metro/train/funicular. If there is a train strike Barcelona must just stop as no more vehicles can be fitted on the roads. Off to Provence tomorrow.

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