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Trans Canada Highway 1 is the main road through the interior of Newfoundland and a decent two lane road for the most part. However, all the interesting places we want to see are on the coast, founded long before the highway system was built. So our pattern here seems to be going a bit west on TCH1 and then driving up a finger to a sea port destination and then retracing our steps, driving a bit farther west and going up the next finger. Lots of driving, not all that much progress. And when you travel over an especially squeaky, creaky part of the highway you can rest assured that it will be equally squeaky and creaky when you drive it the other direction. Along the way there are countless warnings about moose; 660 of them encountered vehicles last year, but we have not seen one, which is true for most of our group.

Today we made the final push west, and the highlight in the day's trip log pointed out the last decent grocery store/bank/hardware store stop for the foreseeable future. But the wagon master talked to a local at the last campground who told him that an iceberg had come down one of the arms and gotten stuck. To go see it, we left the motor home at the gas station, unhooked the car and drove to Kings Port to see the wayward glacier, which had parked itself right outside a cafe as if the owner had commissioned it for his customers. It was as much fun watching people watch the glacier as seeing it ourselves. A local lady told us this glacier had arrived early in July and was at least three times bigger than what we saw today. There's a web site we can keep an eye on to see if there are any more glaciers in our future. We've been surprised how easy it has been to stay connected thus far. If the campground doesn't have wi fi, we inevitably eat somewhere that has it and museums are very accommodating. But we haven't had any TV since we left St. John's and the satellite dish has not been able to connect since we came here on the ferry. For news we are reduced to listening to Sirius radio and downloading the Chicago Tribune.

Tonight we are camped in a parking lot without any facilities at all except wi fi. The lot belongs to the Insectarium, which we will tour tomorrow. Why there is a big insect museum here in the middle of nowhere is a question that remains to be answered. Right across the street there is a huge campground with full services and internet, but they don't accept caravans and most of the folks staying there rent their sites for the entire summer season. The generator is running; the water tanks are full. Who needs them?

We ate that 4.5 pound lobster we bought the other day. Note to self: Don't go higher than four pounds. It won't fit in the pot. Put away those little lobster eating tools and get out a sledge hammer. The shell on the claws was so thick we could hardly get them open and little bits skittered around the motor home after we shattered it. That floor needed to be cleaned anyway...

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