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We abandoned our RV here where it said camper parking. We weren't...

Up more stairs to this Cathedral. It was last restored in 1652...

Amazing interior. Filled with profound silence.

A former hospital which dates back to the middle ages. In 1214...

Can you believe they actually drive their cars on these ancient streets.

Narrow streets and allies and bridges.

Lots of flowers

Found the market and ate lunch at a cafe on the square.

Many old buildings are used for government purposes.

As you get closer to the Pont du Gard you can sense...

For some reason it won't let me delete this picture so here...

About to walk under one of the arches.

We just kept shaking our heads and marvelling at this structure.

Where the aquaduct arrived at the bridge from underground.

We walked across on top of the first level then climbed up...

Trust me it took a lot of huffing and puffing to get...

Trip back down.

Still heading down. You can tell the path is somewhat treacherous.

Happen to catch a dinner cruise leaving on the River Rhone.

The view of Le Pont du Avignon from our campsite.

Our campsite

View of the Pont d'Avignon at sunset from our campsite

View of the Palace from our campsite at sunset.

Wednesday April 29th.

Thanks to our gracious and well travelled hosts at the campground we were able to make better use of our day. He directed us over a back road to connect with the highway to Uzes. Unfortunately, we think “Richard” fell asleep as we found ourselves trapped in a small town on very narrow streets with no way out.

In an effort to turn around Bill tried to destroy a 1000 yr old wall and tear the bikes off the back of the RV. As I was trying to uncomplicate this affair I noticed a man standing uphill yelling and pointing down the road “turnabout, turnabout”. I think he must have felt the foundations of his house tremble when Bill hit the wall!! No damage done though!

Peacefully (HA) we travelled on.

Uzis was another charming medieval town with colourful buildings, narrow streets, stairs and spectacular churches built on another bloody hill!!! Once again we walked until exhausted finally making it back to the RV alive! Not without our fresh baguette though.

Once rested we headed out to find “Pont du Gard”. Wasn’t hard.

This aqueduct was the highest built in the Roman World. A truly amazing structure. Only one of many built, the aqueduct ran underground most of the way, but without a doubt this one is the most spectacular. We found ourselves staring at this incredible structure, trying to imagine the building of it. At over 275m long and 48m high composed of three levels the top one carrying the water, it was the highest on the Roman World. The only higher structure was the Coliseum in Rome.

The amazing thing is, the historians believe it was built not primarily to move water to Nimes but to show the power and greatness of the Roman Empire. However the added water to Nimes allowed the citizens to have fountains, washrooms and baths in their own homes!!

There was a very informative museum attached to the site but we found the video taken from a helicopter as it flew over the Pont du Gard and simultaneously showing artists renditions of the building of it quite impressive.

I think the pictures will show how high we climbed to view this structure. I might not be able to walk tomorrow but the view will have been well worth it.

Enough of stairs and climbing. We are off to Avignon.

A beautiful park was waiting for us. Set on the Rhone River with views across to Old Avignon and the Pont St-Benezet (or Pont d’Avignon). Bill was able to get a camping spot right on the river so we could watch the traffic from our front seats.

Again we were exhausted and decided a few days of rest here might be in order.

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