Spain - March 2015 travel blog

On our way to the museum

Lovely views along the way

So pretty

Wall adornments

Display cases in the museum

Decor above the show floor

Waiting for the show to begin

The two dancers

The female dancer's solo

The male dancer's solo

All 4 performers

After the show on the walk towards the cathedral

Our paella, before

Our shared salad

Our paella, after

Our chocolate dessert - yum!

Wonderful local beer

At our restaurant

Unbelievably long WIFI password!

Off we went to see the Flamenco show at the museum arriving about 20 minutes before the show began. The room had already begun to fill up so we sat on the row by the back wall - thinking it would be easier to stand up if necessary or to make a hasty escape. As it turns out all the seats were good, except that I had a former female professional basketball player sitting in front of me. Oh well, I bobbed and weaved and managed to see all the important parts of the show! Sevilla is considered the birthplace of the flamenco, and the museum is the only one of its kind in the world. The show began promptly at 7pm and consisted of a wonderful guitar player, a male singer, and one male and one female flamenco dancer. They were all wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed the show!

We then walked toward the Cathedral where all the great restaurants are located. We found one called Gago 6 and ordered the Menu de la Dia (menu of the day) which consisted of a shared salad, a chicken and pork paella, a shared chocolate dessert and two locally brewed cervezas. This was the best paella we had so far, and the dessert was none to shabby either! After dinner we came back to the hotel, packed and are prepared to hit the road back to Chiclana in the morning to meet back up with our friend Maria. Good night from Sevilla.

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