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Our Spring Baseball volunteer activities have become routine. We are ticket takers. We go to the park 2 hrs before game time, report to the gates 90 minutes before game time, then scan tickets with a hand-held ticket reader for 2 hours. About 30 minutes after the game starts, we are done!

Comedian Will Ferrell did a promotion on March 12th for his new HBO baseball movie. He traveled to 5 different games in one day and played 10+ positions for the teams at each park. Game times were changed to a staggered schedule so that he could visit the parks by helicopter and motorcade and actually don a uniform and play. Peoria was the last stop and he made it just in time to enter the game in the top of the 9th as the Padres right fielder, then pitched the bottom of the 9th for the Dodgers. The crowd loved it. It was the largest attendance ever for Peoria, so it was really good that he made it in time to play. I'll give him a lot of credit for getting onto the field in a real game against real players.

Dodger games are always a circus anyway because of the LA crowd. Spring training games at their Salt River Fields stadium are expensive, and Peoria is the cheapest ticket in the Cactus League. So we always get a lot of fans for the visitors. Dodger fans are distinctive because of the extremes: from Rodeo Drive fashion on one end of the extreme to tattoo-covered exposed skin on the other end. Giants fans are always nattily dressed with pristine Giants gear. Cubs fans turn out in large numbers. These are the most expensive ball parks in the Cactus League, and at Peoria we always get a big attendance from all the club's visiting fans because we are the best baseball value in the league.

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