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Carpes at Thousand Trails Sunriver Resort

US 20 west of Burns Oregon
Our clear dry drive ended all too...

As we neared Bend the drizzle turned to a rain/sleet/snow mix

US 97 south of Bend

Sunriver Thousand Trails Sign

We're greeted by some of the local denizens

A beautiful winter tableau—in May?

Bob dumps our holding tanks alá snow

Carpe Dinkum wears an unfamiliar "coat"

Carpe Dinkum wears a new coat
We awoke to a heavy, yet brief,...

Low altitude Drone view of Carpes at Sunriver TT

High altitude Drone view of Carpe as Sunriver TT

Mt Bachelor, Mt Broken Top, & Mt Sisters

Obsidian Rock at Newberry National Volcano Monument

Paulina Falls in Newberry Volcano Monument

Wed, 06 May: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Yes, let it snow. Pardon us, but isn't this the first week of May? Aren't we in the northern hemisphere? Didn't Al Gore tell us the Earth was warming beyond control? If so, why did we get to spend several lovely hours playing in snow? Yes, it is true!

We had a very restful nite parked on the edge of Eddie's huge truck lot in Hine's Oregon. The truckers were very considerate and everyone shut down their engines for the nite. The only thing that woke us up was the cold, it dropped to the low thirties overnite and we tucked that extra blanket up to our chinney, chin, chins.

The lot came alive around six when engines started all around us. We were pretty much awake anyhow so it wasn't a problem. We brewed that all-important pot of tea and Sandi rustled up a nice warm breakfast.

Sandi rolled wheels a few minutes after eight and we continued west on US 20, also known as the Central Oregon Highway. We started out with sun and wind, which became clouds and wind, and ultimately drizzle and wind. Just west of the small town of Brothers we switched drivers and Bob got to have the fun.

From Brothers he continued west on 20 to the eastern "burbs" of Bend where we took a dogleg loop to miss downtown Bend. It should have been a quick and easy four mile link up with US 97. Somehow, the gods of detours never got the memo about "quick and easy" as they closed the east-west part of the link requiring Bob to negotiate some tight turns enroute to US 97.

Eventually it all got sorted out and we found ourselves southbound on US 97. A few miles south of town the drizzle became more like rain, then sleet, and ultimately snow. In a few places the snow became slush on the roadway. Thankfully everyone slowed down and we are able to reach our exit with no problems.

Once off 97 we continued another couple of miles to the Sunriver Thousand Trails Resort. Sandi braved the snow and headed into the office to register. Once checked in Bob drove to the dump station. These sites do not have sewer hookups so we deemed it wise to dump before settling in.

While Bob dumped the holding tanks Sandi disconnected the car and started scouting for an appropriate site. There were many vacant sites but we were looking for one with a clear view of the sky for solar and satellite access. She found a good one and radioed Bob, who met her at the site. All of this, we remind you, was in a fairly good snowfall.

At roughly noon, some forty-five minutes after checking in, Carpe was parked, leveled, and set up for living. We had a busy three days driving from Ogden to Sunriver, but now we get to kick back and take it easy. We'll be here till the first part of next week before we press onward to our next destination.

Today's drive was an easy (snow, rain, detour, and wind excepted) 147 miles with an overall 7⅓ mpg.

Thu, 07 May: And we awoke to more snow...

Yes, after a cold nite, with lows around thirty, we awoke to a brief, yet fairly heavy, snow. It came down in big fat flakes for about ten minutes. The ground was fairly warm, so accumulation was minimal. Despite that, Dinky wore a new white coat.

By late morning the sun was peeking in and out of the clouds and the air temperature warmed to the low forties. No more snow...

Today was laundry day. We have not done laundry since Cottonwood so our dirty clothes bags were bursting at their seams. There is a fairly nice laundry here at Sunriver Thousand Trails, and this morning we had it all to ourselves. Five loads and we're pretty much caught up. That is a great chore to have behind us.

Sat, 09 May: Still soaking up R&R...

We've had a pretty relaxing few days here at the Sunriver Thousand Trails Resort. Yesterday, Friday, our mail arrived at the Sunriver Post Office. Technically, this post office does not accept general delivery mail. The staff, however, goes out of the way to accommodate visitors and told us how to address our package so we could pick it up here rather than the main post office in Bend. Occasionally postal employees are helpful. Thanks guys.

We had not received mail for more than two weeks so we had quite an accumulation. We spent the better part of yesterday going thru the mail, scanning what needs to be retained, paying bills, etc., etc. Just 'cause we're retired doesn't mean the everyday chores of life disappear.

We've been eating "in" for the past week. After our splurge in Ogden eating out with the family every nite (and most lunches), we had a fridge full of leftovers. Also, we leave on our cruise in three weeks so we need to eat down the fridge. That's just fine with us, we enjoy cooking.

Today is a gorgeous day. We awoke to 29° F. temperatures, but the sun is shining bright and as this is written in mid afternoon we're in the mid sixties. Tomorrow (Sunday) is also forecast to be beautiful, and then several days of clouds and showers. No more snow is predicted... The aroma of the pine forest is heady, especially when some wood smoke is added to the mix. This is a really beautiful setting.

Monday, 11 May: Enjoying the Bend area...

Yesterday, Sunday, we took a drive to visit some of the local sights. But first, Bob "treated" Sandi to lunch at the local Taco Bell. She got to try their new Diablo Sauce, and it is very, very good. Lotsa heat to keep her palate busy.

Following lunch we drive to the Newberry National Volcano Monument. This federal park encompasses the site of the Newberry Volcano, a now sleeping, but potentially active volcano located south of Bend. We climbed from 4,000' to well over 6,000' and enjoyed some spectacular views of lava flows, volcanic lakes, and very interesting Obsidian rocks. A short hike (the only kind we allow ourselves these days) took us to Paulina Falls.

Following all that activity we returned to our site to enjoy some "sit" time.

Today we awoke to leaden skies and rain. Mid morning we drove to Bend for some Costco shopping, lunch, and then on to Wal*Mart for some more spending. Since Oregon doesn't have any sales tax it is an incentive to spend... And both Costco and Wally do have toys!

Back home to start getting things ready for tomorrows travel. The forecast is for rain, rain, and more rain so we did most of our outside chores (tire pressure check, engine oil, etc.) during lulls.

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