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skeleton beach

Yesterday was such a beautiful summer day. We put on our shorts and headed back to Jekyll Island. We rode bikes on the bike path, something we take for granted when we are at home, but a rare find on the road. In Titusville the bike lanes were on the street and the narrow painted path would unexpectedly become a right turn lane for cars. At home many of the bike paths are old railroad beds, no longer in use. On Jekyll the bike path often parallels the road, but is never part of it. We rode along the beach at high tide. At low tide the sand is hard enough to ride right on the beach. It was a beautiful, relaxing day.

But when we checked the weather for our next destination, about a five hour drive north, it was clear that we would encounter a huge cold front. We left at 9am after alerting the campground clerk that the package of mail from home we had forwarded to ourselves there was lost. It was sent from Texas to Georgia a week ago. According to the tracking number it was forwarded to Los Angeles instead and now has disappeared. We don't know what else we lost, but it should contain the paperwork we need to finish filing our taxes. Grrr....

So we waited until the office opened to tell the clerk to return the box to the sender in Texas if it ever does turn up and then we started driving north. The bright blue sky became cloudier, but the temperature was in the low 70º's until we got 45 minutes from here. We hit the wall of cold and temperature immediately fell to 48º. I expected some wind, but our biggest problem was that the windshield fogged over thickly and Ken couldn't see at all. As fast as I could wipe that big expanse of glass with a towel, the humid air inside condensed once again. Luckily we came to a rest area and could pause to let the blowers do their job.

After another stop for what often is the cheapest gas in the nation, we are camped a few miles from my sister's home, waiting for the temperatures to plunge even more. We haven't been this cold since we left home in December!

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