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Decision time!

Scaling some of the marbles

Balancing act

Time for a selfie

Rock art? or walk like an Egyptian

Breakfast among the marbles


Big day today!

The plan was... head to Tennant Creek tonight before making north towards Darwin tomorrow. As we drove west this morning I floated the idea of a 'little detour' ... to Uluru. Sal seemed open to the idea so I couldn't help throwing in mention of the fact that we could get there in time for me to spend my birthday there. As Sal pointed out, this made it a little hard to refuse (really?!). A quick survey of the kids, and our 2000 km detour was locked in! Doesn't seem so far in the context of the whole trip...

We made it as far as the Devil's Marbles tonight, and our best stop so far. The marbles themselves are spectacular, and the campsite is right among them (and only $7.70 for a family for the night). As much as we thought it was great, the kids absolutely loved it. In the little crop of marbles just above us, they had a 'house' sorted out, each of them with their own room. By dinner time they were asking if they could take their breakfast up there the next morning.

Even a fairly sleepless night couldn't detract too much from the overall experience. As we went to bed, a wind picked up which turned into a bit of a gale. The whole night it was buffeting Old Bess - apart from the noise and lurching around was the constant fear that our 30 year old camper might not stand up to it all. Fortunately she did, and despite the cold wind still blowing in the morning, the kids did indeed get up and have breakfast in their house.

I think we might pay this place another visit on the way up again

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