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Day 16: Friday 12 April

Alice Springs / Sunny and hot

Day 16 of our journey

East MacDonnell Ranges

Today is our third and last day of Alice Springs and Mums wish here was to go to the East MacDonnell Ranges. We got on the road early as we were planning to visit many places today.

We were enjoying the nice tarred road (nearly all our trip has been on dirt roads) so we decided that we would go the extra kilometres to go to this old goldfield town. Unfortunately the good road turned into a very bad dirt road, but Mum still wanted to keep going, so we did.

Finally we arrived at Altunga Historical Reserve. Here there was a visitor centre explaining what life was life and tools that they used. Alluvial gold was first mined here then they found reef gold. Unfortunately there was not as much gold as expected. Altunga was one of the largest early towns in Central Australia and the centre of the gold rush.

After looking at the visitors centre we had a look at the old goldfields and village. Here we saw some old mines, parts of the buildings, blacksmith shop and some of the old machines they used. They used to make the buildings out of dry dirt as water was scarce. We did 2 walks looking at all these things. It was very hot with lots of flies, it would have been very hard and uncomfortable for the miners.

We headed off to our next stop. The flies were too bad to eat lunch outside so we had a roll with a banana on it while we drove.

We met up with the Atkins at Trephina Gorge where we did a walk. This walk was a very pretty walk, walking on the top of the gorge and down to the empty creek bed. It had lots of nice flora and fauna including many gum trees. We finished that walk and then we checked out the campsite that we were going to stay at but we liked the break from flies so we just came here for the day.

Soon we stopped at Corroboree Rock. It is a big rock that is important to the aboriginals. We did a quick walk around it which was very interesting to look the differences between each side.

We continued on and stopped at Emily and Jessie Gap. They contain interesting aboriginal paintings. It is about Aboriginal caterpillar dreaming but it looks like strips.

After all that we went for a swim at the caravan park the Atkins were staying at. We finished the day with the Atkins coming to the caravan park we are staying at for a BBQ dinner and a chat.

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