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This has been a very full day for me.

After my usual exercise class, I called my ophthalmologist about an eye issue that had been bothering me for about a week. I wasn’t sure whether the strong sensation of an oily film on my left eye and more than the usual burning was anything to worry about or not. However, since that is the eye with the viral infection, I thought I’d better check. The doctor did want me to come in and there was time available at 1:50. (I hadn’t expected to be able to see him today.) He said that the scarring caused by the virus in my cornea has “matured” and that the virus probably had caused the swelling. The visual examination showed that the vision in that eye has gotten worse. He prescribed some Prednisolone eye drops and told me to return in a week so he could see whether the drops were working.

The unexpected eye doc visit caused me to have to delay my appointment with my chiropractor but he was able to see me anyway. That was a relief.

When I left the chiropractor’s office, the traffic was backed up due to an accident just past the entrance to the office complex. By the time I had gotten to the pharmacy to pick up the eye drops and had finally gotten home, it was 5:00 o’clock.

Tonight we met at the Spradleys for our community group meeting. Donnie was able to sit in on most of it. She had neck surgery – twice!! – last week but is making a good recovery. She is not having any pain from it but her activities are very restricted for at least two months. She must wear a neck brace for several months.

The Boswells were there also. They are making progress on arranging for contractors to re-do the entire first floor of their home and their garage. Flood waters were up to 27 inches so everything downstairs was ruined. They are living in her sister’s house for six weeks while the sister is gone; but they will have to find another place to live when she returns. Repairs to their house will take about six months. They are thankful, though, that they had some flood insurance and that they aren’t in the dire circumstances that some people in other neighborhoods are in. They reported some of the ways that many individuals, churches and disaster organizations have helped them. KXAN TV is conducting a fund-raising appeal for flood survivors.

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