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Games that are forefather's played before mindcraft

Cole at Yorktown

Watertown USA Map

Cole and Sam after along day water sliding

My name is Bradley and I am your 2nd cousin twice removed..

So today, we went to Yorktown. In case you don’t know, Yorktown is where the final battle of the revolution was fought! They had a little movie, a timeline, even an imitation of a patriot campground! And at the campground, they fired a real, live musket, it was amazing! Afterwards, we went to a cool water park, called Water Country USA. It had all these great rides, including one called “vanishing point’ where the floor drops from under you! I didn’t go on that ride, but my dad did. And while he was on it, something embarrassing happened. He was wearing a button-down shirt, which he unbuttoned. Apparently, it came loose, and it came down before him. A lot of people in that area thought it was someone’s swimming trunks! Oh well. That was our last day at our condo in Williamsburg, as well. From there we went to our cousins’ houses. There were even two cousins about my age: Abby and Bradley. Once we got there we chilled and had pizza. Good times. Cole

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