Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Such a soft pillow

A dried up water hole

New Mexico even says "Goodbye"

From left to right, one big feed lot operation


There are 6 cabs on this truck

Amarillo Fire Training Tower

Long story behind these but they're either silos or cooling towers for...

A Texas jackrabbit - guarding the towers

Penny and the animals "hiding" from the storm!

We stopped at the Quarterhorse Hall of Fame but it was closed.

Beautiful bronze statues outside, though.


Cutting horse

That is one big you have to finish the sides that...

Our campsite

Our nosey neighbors

The Alibates Flint Quarry



They grow the grasshoppers big in Texas

There was a train repair/paint/whatever shop right near us.

Out of the campground and on the road by 10:40. Today was a short but very tiring drive because of the wind. It's so sad to pass the acres and acres of dried up pastureland and dried up water holes.

We stayed at the AOK Camper Park on our first trip south in 2008. It's not fancy but it's cheap and offers the basic water, electric and sewer and that is good enough for us.

Got all set up and then the storm came!! Welcome to Texas!! This is one time I was truly scared. We didn't have a whole lot of thunder but we did have wind gusts of up to 70 mph (per the weather channel) and the horizontal rain. Those gusts were so strong, and they were hitting us broadside, that the living room slide was actually being pushed in!! We quick closed it all the way and that was sure a lot better. We were still a'rockin' and a'rollin' but not as bad. I took Taco, Nellie and Sam up into the bedroom with me to ride out the rest of the storm. With the slide in there wasn't a lot of room left for us.

Next day dawned bright and clear, though, so off we went for some geocaching. There used to be a military base up the road from the campground and supposedly there were underground tunnels for the transport of A-bombs and other dangerous stuff from the base to the airport. There are a few buildings left from that time period and ownership is now divided among the City of Amarillo, the State of Texas, and the US Government. The link above points to a geocache but the owner of that cache has written quite a detailed description of the history of the base. See? We also learn history/geography/and other interesting facts about an area when we go geocaching!

Also paid a visit to the Alibates Flint Quarries where we took a short walk through their nature gardens. They have guided tours but they are long and it was hot so we declined.

We also took a drive through part of Amarillo in search of something (I forget what). We did stop at the Quarterhorse Hall of Fame and Museum but it was closed. We did admire the beautiful bronze statues outside though. Maybe we'll make it inside the next trip through here.

Tomorrow, on to Foss, Oklahoma.

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