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I've got my eye on you

The crowd assembles in anticipation

At the "Resort"

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The Pensioner & the Dolphin

We set off under leaden skies (I have always wanted to say that) this morning at 0700 local time to drive to Monkey Mia to “interact” with the Dolphins.

I thought this was going to be much commercialised but we were pleasantly surprised, $6 a day for concession/seniors so the entry was not too bad.

A large crowd had assembled on the boardwalk and because we arrived a bit later than the others who had been obviously standing under the same leaden skies as we were we found ourselves unknowingly directly adjacent to the point of embarkation onto the beach. When the command was given “You may all now enter the interaction area” we were sort of in the lead and so got good spots on the beach. After a lot of farnarckling 5 dolphins appeared and feeding could commence.

Well the video speaks a thousand words when a certain well known pensioner got selected to give the last fish to the head dolphin. Watch the video closely and see if you can spot the pensioner feed the Dolphin.

As soon as the last fish was surrendered the Dolphins lost interest faster than I lost interest in the Stromatelites and headed off to catch some fish of their own. Certainly an earth moving moment for the Pensioner who has not shut up about it since.

Then we retreated to the shelter of the resort restaurant and had a Buffet Breakfast. I had read a lot of derogatory remarks re the food at Monkey Mia but breakfast though a bit expensive was very comprehensive and I got into strife for eating 4 slices of toast….. Monkey Mia though I would put way way ahead of Green Island as a holiday destination. It’s a very long drive from anywhere but it’s really quite nice if you just want to feed dolphins, fish, cruise, swim and schnorkel, visit the pearl farm or laze on the beach. You could even have a scenic flight to observe the antics of the Stromatelites from here……

Then back to Denham, bought some Ski Rope at the Shark Bay Mitre 10 so that I can take Gracie for a swim without having to go in with her, the pensioner was most impressed with how easy it was to splice a loop and a clip in each end.

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