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Kissimmee, Florida was our home for the week of Christmas. We drove from Mississippi in 2 days with an overnight stay next to a gas station and convenience store, only a few hundred yards from the interstate. It was a perfect place for an overnight stay. There were less than 10 RVs there for the night.

We arrived in Kissimmee Christmas Eve, Saturday afternoon. The traffic was AWFUL!! But, our lives are now all about living for the moment and the area. So, we literally drove along with the s-l-o-w flow of all the Christmas Eve last minute shoppers. Our RV park was just off the main road and only a few miles from the Magic Kingdom. We were delighted with the location and our parking pad location was near banana plants that actually had baby bananas growing on them—a very nice way to spend Christmas week in December.

On Christmas morning we were on our way to the park by 8:30, a very warm day with bright sunshine and a magnificent blue sky. There was very little traffic so our morning drive was quick. Of course there were lines to get into the parking lot at the Magic Kingdom. We were ecstatic when we realized that we had arrived early enough to park in the nearest parking lot. We were so close that the parking lot did not have any characters or numbers to navigate and no tram ride—close enough to walk right up. After getting our tickets and boating across the lake we realized that the Magic Kingdom was super crowded (guests from the on-ground housing from the Disney hotels had arrived an hour earlier) . But, that was not a deterrent. We had a glorious day along with the thousands who were there. We had a late lunch and took our pups for their PM walk and dinner. And, then we returned for the evening events. It was a long day; but, it was a great way to spend Christmas Day, with Micky and Minnie.

We enjoyed our stay in Kissimmee. After our first walk in the neighborhood we were curious about our next door neighbors (over the fence from our RV Park). The buildings were of Far East architecture and there were golden dragons at the entrance . Later we asked one of the grounds keepers and learned that it was a Buddist monastery and a Buddist Temple. During our stay we actually saw some of the monks in their brown robes. Guess you just have to look closely to appreciate all of the people that make our nation so very great. Later we learned from some of our RV neighbors that a wild female boar (with her piglets) was living on the opposite side of our RV Park, near a shopping center and a hidden lake. Unexpected adventures continue to present themselves; we’ve decided that since we are living in such a variety of locales we should probably expect more unanticipated experiences.

Greg played golf; we had some long walks; did a little shopping for fresh fruits and veggies; and even picked our own oranges (I’ve never eaten oranges that tasted so sweet!!) We attended an RV Show; took some long drives in the country and Greg had the opportunity to play a round of golf with Linda and Scott. Our week skipped along quickly and then we headed north (90 miles) to the Ocala National Forest near Silver Springs, Florida.

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