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Carpe Diem boondocking at Wal Mart
We're here overnite & then see...

Carpe's "tush" barely clears the curb
Long rear overhang limits driveway entry/exit

Crossing into Idaho on I 15.

Tuesday we moved to Rainbow Lake RV
The weather is not good, so...

Carpe with both slides retracted
Due to high winds we "lived" all day...

Mon, 30 Apr: We decided to leave North Ogden and continue probing just how far north we can comfortably (and safely) travel. We left about 0930 and drove an astonishing eight miles to a Flying J in Willard, UT.

We topped off our diesel tank as the prices in Idaho are 15¢ a gallon more than Utah and 18¢ a gallon more than Montana. We downloaded a newly released Pilot/Flying J application for our "not Mac" phones and it is pretty slick. We can check fuel prices at any nearby Pilot/Flying J truck stop or check prices in other areas.

After adding 52 gallons of "liquid gold" we continued north on I 15 into Idaho. The day started out sunny and became increasingly overcast as we continued northward. We stopped for lunch at a casino eighty miles north of the Idaho border where we also switched driving duties.

At Idaho Falls we left I 15 for US 20. We started to get drizzle and by the time we got to Rexburg it was pretty steady, but spotty (does that make any sense?) We'd planned to spend a few days at a local Passport America park, Sheffield's RV. We drove into the park and the office was closed with a sign that said "take any space". We drove along very, very, narrow and twisting lanes and didn't see any space that would accommodate Carpe's forty feet. We continued to the exit and left! No way is this place "big rig friendly"!

We drove into town and plunked down in the WalMart parking lot for the evening. It is very windy, so windy we are leery of extending either of our slides. It is still raining spurts, but the forecast is for more of the same (including wind) all nite.

We'll make a decision in the morning as to our next move. It is 4,860' here and Yellowstone is 2,000' higher. Rain here = snow there???

We'll call the park in the morning and see what happens.

Meanwhile, now that we've moved our Sirius/XM radio seems to be working again?!? We'll see but perhaps, as we jokingly suggested in a previous post, that RV park is electronically jinxed.

Tue, 01 May: Wow, May already! In Hawai`i the first of May is known as "Lei Day". It was always a festive day with everyone "lei-ed" ☺

The wind did abate enough last evening for us to open one of our slides. That opened up the bedroom so we could move about comfortably. In fact, we had a rather good nite's rest, albeit it got pretty cool inside.

This morning we awoke and turned on the gas furnaces to take the chill off. It was in the low forties outside and low fifties inside. After breakfast we checked the weather and it didn't look very promising. High winds throughout Idaho and Montana with snow forecast in just about every place we were planning to go. Decision time!

Sooo, throwing recklessness to the winds, we moved all of five miles from our WalMart parking lot to a commercial RV park just south of Rexburg. We paid for two nites and, hopefully, by Thursday morning we'll be able to safely proceed northward.

Meanwhile, we're looking forward to a couple of "down days" in a quiet area. The wind is blowing like banshee but we're plugged into 30-amp service and have heat. Since it is the first of the month there is more than enough to keep us occupied.

Wed, 02 May: And the winds blew...

The high winds diminished around dusk last evening, but shortly after sunup this morning they returned with a vengeance. The forecast was for 30+ mph winds with gusts approaching 50 mph. As a precaution we elected to retract our slides to prevent their canvas toppers from flapping and, possibly, being damaged.

Carpe is certainly "livable" with both slides retracted, but it is somewhat closer than the palatially wide salon to which we've grown accustomed (see pix). It takes some pre-planning as our hall closets are not available, nor is the hallway itself. But, we've done it before and we're coping just fine. We just hope that the winds abate this evening as forecast.

We washed four loads of laundry in the park's vacant laundry room (there are only two RVs here besides us). We got that task behind us before noon and are enjoying being inside as it is pretty raw out (temps in the fifties combined with winds).

We hope to get back on the road tomorrow, but the forecasts aren't too optimistic. Whether we head east toward Yellowstone or backtrack to I 15 and head north toward Butte and Helena, we've got some high (6,000'+) altitude passes to cross. Rain down here can be "you-know-what" up there. We'll give it a careful look-see in the morning and make our decision at that time. We can certainly stay put another day with no adverse consequences...

Stay tuned...

Note: Trip Summary added...

Starting with this post we'll try to keep an ongoing summary of each leg's mileage along with our total mileage since leaving Casa Grande 07 April. As appropriate we may add other statistics such as fuel consumption, tolls, etc. Feedback is always appreciated...

Trip Summary

Miles this leg: 205.5

Total miles: 895.6

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