2011 Looking for a warm winter travel blog

Sunrise over Florida Bay

Cormorant next to Anhinga Trail

During mating season the Anhinga's eyes are lined with tourquoise

We could see these alligators from one of the overlooks

These birds weren't afraid of the alligators

This Egret has some of its breeding plumage

Green Heron with a small fish

There are lots of air plants growing on the trees

Great Blue Heron

Black Crowned Night Heron

Green Heron preening

Little Blue Heron next to the trail

Gumbo Limbo Tree - also called Tourist Tree because its peeling bark...

On the Gumbo Limbo Trail

Looking up at a Royal Palm

Ferns were thick along the trail

Spectacular view of the everglades with a single bald cypress from Pa-Hay-Okee...

Air Plants

Air Plant on a Mahogony tree at Mahogeny Hammock

One of the huge Mahogony trees

Beautiful red bloom on the Coral Bean Tree

The canopy of Mahogony Trees - there are egg shaped seed pods...

Everglades Palms have a diameter of about 6 inches and only grow...

A Spoonbill flying to its nest at Paurotis Pond

We spent another day exploring the Everglades. We started near the entrance in Homestead and walked along the Anhinga Trail where birds and alligators hang around near the trail. We walked along the Gumbo Limbo Trail through and interesting wooded are. We drove the 40 or so miles back to Flamingo stopping at other short trails.

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