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Preah Khan east entrance. John and Anna off to explore

Preah Khan west entrance

Preah Khan from rubble courtyard

Preah Khan relief

A new day but loads more temples seen. Again no details, but again some really impressive buildings many of which differ in style, size and meaning.

We also had the pleasure of kids trying to sell us everything from postcards to flutes and a fine array of products in between. These kids do not listen to the word no, but they know so much information. For example this one little lad knew I was english and proceeded to rattle off the capital and the population of the country, then all the other capitals he knew. Geography teachers would be proud to have these kids in their class. Its not all good though, these kids seem to be used by parents to sell stuff and it's quite sad really. They even ask for $1 for photos of them in daily life. Money is all they know and they don't seem to be bothered about school.

Back to happier matters. We went out with some other fellow travellers for dinner and had a good chinwag about places been and yet to visit. Two Canadians are doing the same route as us in SE Asia so good to find out others views on getting around. Also met this cool bloke called John an Aussie from Perth who has been on the tuk-tuk with us around Angkor. Seems to like the local whiskey and at 50p for a big bottle can't really blame him.

Hopefully some pictures today but connection still poor.

Day 16 complete

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