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Most tourists come to Kusadasi to see the magnificent ruins at Ephesus. Today we visited here for the third time; the second time was two weeks ago. We read the tour descriptions carefully to avoid repeating what we had already done and chose to visit some picturesque villages nearby. Unfortunately no one else wanted to visit those villages and our tour was cancelled.

So we wandered around this lovely town taking photographs, spending quality time in a cafe doing internet, and trying to resist the persuasive charms of the Turkish vendors. Ken really gets into verbally jousting with them. He regards it as a sport and they seem to feel the same way. Everyone has lived in Chicago or has a cousin who lives there. It’s enough to get the conversation going. Or they say things like, “I can tell from the way you walk that you need to buy a carpet.” or “Your wife will love you so much more if you buy her a large diamond ring.” After Ken resisted a watch purchase, the salesman tracked us down in the internet cafe three blocks away and brought a new selection of ten watches that he knew Ken just had to have. This time he resisted.

We joined many local families walking the water front and we came to two campgrounds. This is a topic of great interest to us and when one campground owner invited us to look around, we took him up on it. Although built on a smaller scale than ours, the RV sites had electricity and he charged $10/night. There were also attractive cabins available for rent. There was a nice swimming pool and game room. All of the Northern European RV’ers have headed home, but some locals were still set up. The nicest ones had a travel trailer less than twenty feet long with a tent-like structure attached to the front, doubling the living space. The tent parts had large plastic windows and appeared fairly impervious to bad weather, but when it gets hot here in the summer, staying inside these could be sauna-like. We chatted with a family that had a wood stove vented through the top of the tent. It most not get hot enough to set the thing ablaze. English and German kept the conversation going and when we showed them a photo of our rig, they were appropriately appreciative.

We have really enjoyed our time in Turkey and are not all that ready to move on. Compared to Western Europe it has pretty much been off our bucket list and clearly that was a mistake. The people are warm and friendly, the food is great, the scenery spectacular, the shopping all too tempting. What a country!

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