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Tom with the aquaduct

The fam and the aquaduct

Carmen holding up the arch

Long view

Resting Kate

The girls in the water

We visited Pont du Gard near Arles, the largest remaining aqueduct built in Roman times. It is dated around 56 AD and was built to convey water to Nimes, a city settled by retired Roman soldiers, who were deserving of as many fountains as Rome. The whole aquaduct ran 30 miles from a mountain spring down to Nimes and most of it was on the ground or below, but this stretch had to cross a river. It was maintained and working well for 400-500 years and then continued to work without maintenance for another 400 years. Incredibly impressive amount of structure, degree of accuracy and durability for water for fountains and baths. Of course we expect such a dependable supply of water now too but it requires a regular visit from a plumber, and this was about 2000 years ago. It makes me wonder what we would be capable of now if we hadn't had to get through the dark ages first.

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