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Picos de Europa in the haze


Drinking 'sidre' in Gijon

23 Sept: San Vicente to Gijon. We crept out of the creek at 8am, as the sun was rising, and made it out without going aground although there was only 0.5 metres beneath the keel at one point. It was quite hazy, but we got a good view of the Picos de Europa behind the spectacular coastline with villages perched on top of steep cliffs.

We are trying to motor as little as possible because the sail drives should have had their first service at 100 hours and they are over that already. The problem is that it can only be done when Whimbrel is out of the water and so far we haven’t been able to find anywhere that has a lift wide enough to hoist her. Unfortunately there wasn’t much wind for about half the journey, so we had to motor. We arrived at Gijon in a torrential downpour (52 nautical miles in 11 hours).

Gijon is in a big cider producing area and there are lots of bars called ‘sidrerias’ that predominantly sell local ciders. Apparently it tastes better if you pour it from a height from the bottle into a tilted glass, which most people did, but quite a lot gets spilt on the ground - such a waste! The other very popular drink in this area seems to be hot chocolate with long, thin doughnuts called ‘churros’ for dunking. The chocolate is incredibly rich and so thick you can practically stand a spoon up in it.

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