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I forget which creek was meeting the ocean here. But it was...

Ocean view. I didn't take many pictures as it was a short...

I don't know who they expected to use that turn out space...

The trip from Florence Elks Campground to the Newport Elks Lodge is only 46 miles. So we enjoyed a leisurely morning. We finally pulled out of our site around 12 and proceeded to the dump. Then we took the MH only to Fred Meyers for gas. With our savers card it was only $3.609 per gallon. Those $.03 off count up when you are filling a big tank. It is strange not to pump your own gas in OR – but the guys who do have been really nice. Like the guy this morning – he asked if I thought it would be over $125 and I said yes. He said lets put it on cash then and I will use the card after we see how much it is. So he was able to put in over $150 and then still put it on the card and still get our 3 cents off. Otherwise we would not have been able to get a full tank. In these hills we are only getting about 8 miles to the gallon. Ron is fussing about that – but I tell him we aren't in Kansas anymore on the flat ground.

The trip up the coast was pretty. As usual I didn't like hanging off the mountain above the water. But I have to admit the views were wonderful.

We had no trouble finding the Elks Lodge and parking. Sidenote – the guy we waited for at the Florence Campground dump was just unhooking his toad here, too. He was just as grumpy here as he was in Florence. Oh, well – it takes all kinds.

We drove down to the docks for dinner. Everyone has been saying either Mo's was wonderful or Mo's had lost it. So we decided to check it out. Clam chowder was better than in Florence and out shared sample platter was good. I like shrimp and scallops better than razor clams – but that is just a taste thing. We'll try more and get back to you.

While we were sitting watching the boats go bye – a fishing boat pulled into the dock below us. I'm sorry I left the camera in the MH (used to having everything in the truck – having two vehicles that drive takes getting used to) as they unloaded cooler after cooler of fish. There was one old guy who had been waiting on the dock and he donned an apron and started cleaning fish. We watched him all thru our dinner and then went out on the dock to watch. He could fillet a big fish in about 3 minutes and scale others in about 5. It was really neat to watch. We gave up and came home after he did about 3 coolers full and had about 5 to go. It was a big group that had gone out and it looks like they all had good luck.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are going to back track some of our trip to go to places we couldn't stop on the way. There are several beaches where we can walk out on the sand and get up close to the ocean. We also saw a glass blowing shop and there are several museums and an aquarium here. I'm sure we will be busy playing tourist.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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