Anne & Tom's Italy Adventure 2011 travel blog

Our van and driver, Rita

A Nuragic tower - man made eons ago.

Natural rock formation



Walking along the shore


A whale


Close up of pattern in the rock.

Anne takes it in.

Another formation


The ferry to Corsica

Loading up


Off we go!

Approaching Corsica with another ferry on its way back to Sardinia.


A cave at the harbor entrance.

The mile long harbor

Emerging from the ferry

The counterside

The harbor from Bonifacio

The restaurant

A street in Bonifacio

A tiny church


The "float" used to carry the relic of the "true cross."

A Corsican building

A Foreign Legion outpost was in Bonifacio

A tower used as defense

A narrow street

A view from our hotel window


Chris comes into the restaurant through the window!

Part of the dinner

Entry #4 May 17, 2011

We rose early, had breakfast, and met met our driver, Rita, to began our adventure. The trip from Alghero along the coast of Sardinia was dotted with natural and manmade rock formations. One looked like an elephant and another on the shore was whale-like in shape. We had to be on board the 3 o'clock ferry to Corsica by 2PM. After a light lunch we boarded and settled in for the crossing that was less than an hour. Our van accompanied us on the crossing, so we got right back in at the ferry terminal and headed to our hotel in Bonifacio. Rita had not been in Corsica before, so we had a bit of a round trip back to port before we took the correct turn to the top of the cliff where the city is located. Our hotel was on a busy street in the heart of town and was surrounded by restaurants owned by the same family who owns the hotel - sort of the "barons" of the area.

Luciano took us for a walk around Bonifacio where we saw a little church with a relic of the "true cross" that was paraded around the town on Good Friday. We also learned how the town was fortified against attacks by pirates. There were many separate gates and each was defended with canon. Only by cunning and deceit was the town ever conquered!

Our dinner was a multi-course Corsican extravaganza. We entered the restaurant from a terrace through a window!

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