2011 Celebration Journey travel blog

Pike's Peak viewd from mile 2 on the Pike's Peak Highway

We kept a watch out for Big Foot

The sign says it all

Crystal Reservoir

At the reservoir

Henry and Blondie at the Crystal Reservoir

We found Big Foot!

These girls are dressed the way Julia was dressed when she made...

Pike's Peak from higher up the mountain

This is as far as we could go

The snow was piled high against the side of the visitor's center

Another part of the mountain

View from the visitor's center

As close as we could get

So close!

The wind almost knocked me down when I took this picture

Our GPS at mile 13 - as far as we could go

We went on a winding, unpaved road to a popular fishing spot...

Night view of Colorado Springs

We drove to the start of the Pike's Peak Highway to drive the 19 mile road to the summit of the peak. Pike's Peak is called America's Mountain. The summit is at 14,110 feet. When we got to the beginning of the highway the ranger told us the road was closed at mile 13 because of high winds and dangerous road conditions. There were 65 mph sustained winds and gusts up to 85 mph at the top. We felt like Clark Griswald when he got to Wally World and found out it was closed! We decided to take the drive anyway and are so glad we did. Most of the road is paved with scenic pullouts and picnic areas along the way. There are 2 visitor's centers with gift shops.

As we drove up the mountain the vegetation changed. As we got farther up we started to see accumulated snow on the side of the road. We stopped at the first visitor center at Crystal Reservoir. We enjoyed a presentation about Julia Archibald Holmes, the first woman to climb Pike's Peak. She made the climb with her husband James and several other men in August of 1858. She was an early feminist and wore bloomers instead of the fashionable long dresses of the time.

When we got to mile 13 we stopped at the visitor center This was the closest we could get to the summit. The wind was really blowing and there was a lot of snow. I walked to the middle of the road to take a picture and the wind almost knocked me down!

We were disappointed we didn't make it to the top but it was a great ride anyway. On the way back to the campground we drove through historic Manitou Springs. There are seven different mineral springs there and was once a destination for those looking for the healing powers of the waters. Now there are lots of shops and restaurants.

A great day!

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