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Nellie's happy up here.

And down here

Even Taco's somewhat relaxed...except that Darn Cat is so near me!

Saguaro Cactus at the Marana Visitor's Center

Irrigation canal

Water flowing from level of irrigation canal to another

Like Las Vegas, they decorate the walls of their highway ramps

Cool, clear water on a very hot day

Even Bob went swimming today!

This is the way to do laundry on a hot day

Sam loves ice pops!

Our campsite at Valley of the Sun MH/RV Park

Again, we tried to get off earlier (9:25 a.m.) than our normal time so we wouldn't be driving too long in the heat. Another easy drive...I-10 east then AZ-85 south to Gila Bend then I-8 east to meet up with I-10 again. This way we were able to avoid all the traffic in Phoenix. We passed a large cattle feed lot on the road between the campground and I-10 and then further along I-10, we passed an ostrich farm. There must have been over a hundred ostrichs there. AND, we've got Nellie all figured out (or is it she who has trained us?) If we just let her loose in the truck, she settles herself on the center console and you don't hear a peep from her for the whole trip! I know she's not safe and secure there but she's happy. We do keep her harness and leash on, though. Maybe I can figure out a "seatbelt" type thing for her while she's on her "seat". Then Taco decided that looked pretty neat so he got up there, too...and they were both happy for the rest of the trip. Of course, poor Sam, who's in his seatbelted cage in the center of the back seat, can no longer see us but Nellie peeks in on him every now and then so he doesn't feel alone. And Bob gives him a "travel cookie" every once in awhile.

The desert scenery was, as usual, beautiful. It was interesting to see it change from stoney/sandy with scrub brush and cactus to more sandy and more brush to sandy and cactus. Actually, not the same cactus as before, either. Now we're seeing more saguaro cactus and most of them are in bloom. Beautiful. No yucca. No prickly least not within eyesight of I-10. Speaking of yucca...let me tell you! Those "leaves" are sharp! I got stabbed by several of them when we were geocaching in Vegas.

Shortly before our exit off I-10, we saw a whole bunch of large planes parked in the desert off to our right. Further on we saw a sign for Pinal Air Park Road so I guess those planes were on display at the Pinal Air Park. We'll have to go check that out. I guess we're going to stay several days longer than planned, as usual, LOL.

Arrived at the Valley of the Sun MH/RV Park in the town of Marana, about 20 minutes north of Tucson around 1:15 but didn't get set up 'til the heat!! The first campsite had a tree in just the wrong place for us to be able to open our door so Bob walked down to the office and explained our plight. The very helpful gentleman there said we could take any empty site we saw along the row so out we went and back in again (it's a U-shaped drive). Uh oh, when we pulled back in the drive, there was an ambulance right in front of us so we had to wait until they loaded up and then we were able to continue in. Took the first empty pull-thru site and started setting up. While we were doing this, I started feeling very nauseated and dizzy so I told Bob to just hook up the electric and we'd finish setting up later when it got cooler. It took over an hour to get the house down to the low 80's.

This is a nice park. Sites are a bit narrow but there aren't that many people here at this time of year so we don't feel crowded. It's also a mobile home park and there are some really nice setups here with desert gardens and birdbaths.

We're going to meet up with Harry and Joyce Laughman (friends from one of the RV boards)on Monday (the first cooler than 100* day) to join them on a visit to the Saguaro National Park.


It's been very hot here but we needed to get some clothes washed so I took it down to the laundry somewhat early this morning. No air conditioning in that building so I called Bob and he brought my bathing suit down so we could go for a swim while the clothes were washing. Now, that's the way to do laundry!! The pool is right behind the laundry so it's very convenient...and very cool. To add another "very" to the list, it's VERY windy here today and, although there doesn't appear to be much dust blowing through the park, we have a crop field between us and the one mountain range and I can't even see the mountain! To the north, we're only a mile from I-10 and I can't even see the traffic on that highway either. People who come from the east campgrounds to the western campgrounds always seem to complain that the parks out here are gravel. Believe me, I'm tickled pink they're graveled 'cause if they weren't, it'd be very dusty for sure.

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