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Home in Konstanz/Saying Goodbye

Just a quick update to let folks know where we are. After our lovely Christmas/New Year break, we intended to stay a few more days in Konstanz and then go to Basel for a few days on our way towards southern France. The idea was to give Dorothea and her family a few days to settle back into their routines before we arrived on their doorstep…

We were in the midst of packing our bags when the phone call came from Basel that Doro’s older boy was rather sick. It seemed to be the mumps, so the family was concerned lest Kirianne pick it up. (She’s been immunized, but so, apparently, was Pierre.) The decision was made to wait out the weekend until Doro could get a doctor’s diagnosis and advice about contagiousness. But before the weekend was out, Pierre was in the hospital, with an uncontrollable fever up to 40C, vomiting and delirium. It isn’t mumps, but some other infection. We’ve been waiting. We offered to go to help look after the 6-year old twins while Doro stays in the hospital and Papa Philippe tries to cover both their work on a couple of pressing deadlines… but it was all too much for Doro even to think about. Pierre’s condition has improved, then regressed, and now somewhat improved again, but it’s still uncertain how long he’ll have to stay in hospital, if he’ll have another relapse, etc.

It has been very comfortable here “bei Biehlers” in Konstanz, and we have very much enjoyed being here. I’ve gained back the few kilos I had lost doing farm work, eating all this good German Brot mit Butter und Kase und Wurst, and Mama’s good home cooking, and – yes - Swiss chocolate! (We’re right on the border, you know.) We’ve enjoyed the relaxed and easy pace of life and the Karte spielen in the evenings – Kirianne has learned rummy and loves playing! She’s also learned a bit of German… but we are forgetting how to speak French! And we have started to feel we are spinning our wheels. Kiri, especially finds it difficult not having a definite agenda. And so, after much consultation, we are bypassing Basel and going on with our travels in France.

It feels a bit callous to take off and continue our apparent “holiday” when our friends are struggling with their worries – but we can do nothing to help, apparently. We have promised to come back to Basel in the spring, before we return to Canada.

So off we go..

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