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Dala horses are everywhere

Ornate iron work hold business signs

Local "watering hole"

Handmade tiles adorn buildings

Artisan/craft center

Bicycles and tiles!




Lightning rod shaped as 3 ships sailing

Remember Bobby Fisher's chess opponent?

Thank you for a tasty visit, Lindsborg

Native stone in the Flint Hills region

c.1850's native stone

Note the slabs-versatile in use as fence post or benches


Well maintained native stone home

Small town gas station

Kansas River

Our campsite!

DU, hang on for the ride as we are still moving through Kansas. Today's detour from I-70 took us to Lindsborg, founded by Swedish immigrants-home to Bethany College, a devoted cadre of artists and artisans/crafters, and the folk art Dala horses! Parking the big rig was easy as the neighborhoods and the commercial downtown are blended leaving streets wide enough for bicycles and tourists alike.

To begin this most enjoyable experience we were greeted by the local policeman; on down a block or so the local clockmaker was standing in his doorway. As the president of the Chamber of Commerce his goal was to ensure we understood the uniqueness of Lindsborg!

Whether attending the Swedish tradition of celebrating the summer solstice, enjoying the traditional folk dancers accompanied by skilled Swedish fiddlers, or gorging on Scandinavian baked goods, an enjoyable time is guaranteed.

Lunch did not disappoint-traditional in taste and preparation, we enjoyed cauliflower/cheese soup, Swedish meatballs, freshly dug red skin potatoes with dill, beets, and FABULOUS potato rolls(sorry Pennsylvania these rolls were NOT heavy. All were prepared by an elderly little ole Swedish lady! A positive sign a restaurant is good is if the locals eat there. Confirmation-as we observed townsfolk greeting each other upon entry to the restaurant.

Hemslojd shops, located throughout Sweden, produce hand crafted items of wood, textile, and other materials. This tradition has been continued here. Visitors can watch Hemslojd's craftsmen and artist at work in the wood shop. They even offer a quadricycle for touring the city at your on pace. Walking seemed appropriate for us-gotta get rid of those calories somehow!

Moving on down the road into the Flint Hills section of Kansas, we have chosen to take a break for a few days. I'm hoping to "doctor" myself with the help of a local pharmacist and rest.

The little town of Alma, City of Native Stone, contains 26 historical Native Stone structures and a family owned creamery. We're gonna lay low 'til Monday. Happy Mother's Day to all!!

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