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Today Thumper didn’t come by until 7:00 AM. We only had a short drive, so Chuck said we could sleep in. Before we left the RV Park I filled the fresh water tank about half full. Tonight we dry camp and won’t have water or electric available.

Our first stop was at mile 70.4. This place was favored for their warm, sticky, cinnamon buns. Since we both love sweets, we decided we had better forgo the buns and we bought a loaf of homemade bread instead. A lot of the RVs were filling up with gas or diesel, but we had plenty enough to make the next campsite. Turns out that most of the motorhomes are spending over twice as much on fuel as we are.

Around mile 100 we actually saw some wildlife. A small herd of Stone sheep were on the shoulder of the road. It seems that they like to lick the salt off the pavement. We were able to pull over onto the shoulder behind them and take photos. We also saw more sheep up on the rock walls across the road. It was amazing to watch them bound up the almost vertical wall. They would stand on tiny little ledges and look back down at us.

Still further on we came upon a large animal running along the shoulder of the road. At our briefing later in the day, most people said it was an immature caribou. I am not so sure, but I will take another look at my photos and see whether I can tell.

We arrived at Laird River Hot Springs Provincial Park early in the afternoon. The park personnel had unwittingly booked two different tours into the same camping area. We ended up in the parking lot of their picnic pavilion. Since we were dry camping anyway, it turned out to be a great place. We were closer to the hot springs than anyone else plus we had a great place to meet and eat.

Once we were parked, Evelyn and I put on our bathing suits and walked to the hot springs. It was about a quarter of a mile through a swamp on a boardwalk. We were told that the springs are up the hill and that the hot water flows down through a series of four pools, cooling as it goes. Therefore we started off in the lowest pool. I thought the water was plenty hot there. After a while I ventured up to the next pool and managed to adjust to that temperature also. However, I felt as if I was being slow cooked. I stayed there maybe 10 minutes and then retreated to the lower pool again. There was a little waterfall between the two pools that one could sit under. I enjoyed it for a nice hot massage!

The staff provided dinner for all of us that night. They fed us hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings. One of our group is carting a karaoke machine around, and she played it and sang a lot of old familiar songs. She invited several other women to join with her, but no men.

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