Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore Summer 2010 travel blog

Hi All,

to day was moving day ... on our way to Hill City just a few miles away from Mount Rushmore. At nine we were packed up and ready to go. Two hours down the road on I90 passing hay fields and cattle ranches. Soon we were at the turn and a quick stop for fill up (the price of diesel will be much higher in the small towns)and we were off. Soon we were in the mountains and a few miles taking it easy and slow. Notice in the pictures the sky is getting darker and soon as we enter Custer gum ball size hail has filled the streets. I am glad we were not there at the time. We headed north to the campground passing Crazy Horse carving in the mountain. Only his face is complete but when finished will have him sitting on a horse.

As we arrived it was pouring ... I mean pouring ... so we quickly unhooked the trailer and pushed the slides out. When it stopped raining for a few minutes I hurried to connect the power, water, and cable. Soon it started to rain ... I mean down pour ... we were inside nice and warm watching a little TV.

Tomorrow we will head out to Rushmore in the morning, maybe Crazy Horse, and then back to the trailer. We will return to Rushmore for a laser light show.

I have posted more pictures on the web.

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