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Whales always disappear when you hit the shutter

The Falls

We got up and got on the road early today; well 9:30a.m is early for us this trip. The plan was to drive up the North coast and turn around after driving halfway to the East coast. I base this on the rough Southern route to the volcano with 25mph hairpin turns and looking out the side window to see the next turn. After a few hours of driving, we stopped at a town called Waimea. It's an upcountry cowboy/tourist town; and we kept driving up the coast to our day's turnaround point, Honoka'a.

Since we were making pretty good time, we kept on driving and stopped to have lunch at Akaka falls. We went for a hike through a rain forest, and then spent the afternoon at a Botanical garden. Heading back to Waimea, I took a wrong turn onto a different highway. I knew something was wrong when I had no trouble seeing the top of Maunea Kea, the highest mountain in Hawaii. But since the roads were good, I continued on. When we got to the condo this mountain highway seemed to save a lot of time.

After super we sat beside on the shore and listened to the ocean.

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