Florida Keys 2010 travel blog

At home before we left on Sunday.

At the Fayetteville KOA at 8:30PM. Tom used a film speed of...

Into West Virginia

We are really getting into the South

Along 95 the "Pedro" signs

We are now "South of the Border!"

It's getting warmer (a bit)

We got so salty up in New York

We went to Louis Truck Wash

Away goes the salt

Good job

All done

A happy RV driver

After a night in the Sleep Inn, we got into the RV at 7AM and headed south on rt 95. The sun actually came out and there is blue sky! BUT the temperatures never exceeded 39F. At the Fayetteville KOA (actually in Wade, NC) Tom dewinterized the water tanks and filled us up with fresh water. Now we can really camp and we are headed to Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah, Georgia for 2 days of R&R (not expecting anything above the mid-40's). The road salt was removed from the RV the next day and we were sparkling as we prepared to cross the border into Florida.

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