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Good Morning everyone. It is a lemon sunrise here today. There are no clouds for the sun to reflect on so the sky just turns a lemony color and then, as the sun rises, turns blue. Not as exciting as some of the bright colored sunrises but it also promises a warm, sunny day.

Ron's back procedure went off without a hitch on Friday. We got to the outpatient clinic about 6:11 and waited a bit for them to open. By 6:45 he was all registered and on his way to the prep area. I got to sit with him for a bit and then he was off to la-la land.

I barely got 2 chapters read in my book when they called me back and said he was awake. He was still a bit groggy but after some sips of water and the movement of getting dressed he was ready to go home. They gave us a prescription for pain meds but we didn't even get it filled. He has been doing fine.

We stopped for breakfast at a little cafe on Greenway and Reems in Surprise. It is called Nicks and they have really good food - with breakfast all day. There is also a Church's Chicken next door. We will be stopping in that area any time we go to either the ortho or dermatologist.

We were going to stop for groceries and some other shopping but decided to head straight home so Ron could be more comfortable in his big chair. It wasn't too bad a trip home even tho I was driving in Phoenix traffic. We took the 303 south to I-10 and headed home. I-10 was a bit rough so I took the Salome Road to head up to Hwy 60 and home. We could take it a big slower, it was smoother and a bit more scenic. We got home about noon.

Yesterday, we puttered around here at the lot. It was a beautiful day - mid 60's and no wind till later in the afternoon. I did a couple loads of laundry, set up my rock tumbler area and we sat in the sunshine and talked about what we wanted to do for more improvements on the lot.

We are going to put in a drip system to water our plants and put up the shade house. We did a bit of on-line window shopping and I will call one company on Monday to price out either shade cloth or tarp for the roof of the shade house.

We also worked out a plan for putting in the fountain next to Ron's shed. We have all the components now - we just have to do it.

Ron isn't supposed to lift more than 8 pounds until after we see the Dr. on Jan. 5. I'm sure I will have a problem keeping him to that - but he was pretty good yesterday. We are going to have a quiet week and see how it goes. So far he says the back hurt less yesterday then it has any day since the fall. So I hope that means that the procedure worked.

Hope you have a good week. Keep warm.

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