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Alamos Looking W. from Mirador at Historical District - Church 1786

Callejon del Beso, Connect 2 Plazas...Story Goes Bldg Seen Here was Girls...

From Mirador Looking N. at Arroyo Where 2009 Flood Wiped Out Many...

Look at Historic Church in Plaza

Closeup of Church Tower

From Mirador...Center of Photo is BK Colonial in Town (Just Lt of...

Another View of Central Historic District

Evening Entertainment on Street by Main Plaza

Kids Dancing to Music

From Mirador BK Pointing Out House Just Right of Center in Middle...

Arrived in Navojoa 45 min earlier than expected on the bus from Los Mochis (left there at 8), so BK did not really expect us and was waiting for 11:30 bus in her car out front...we were inside reading and passing the time as we do many times while waiting...watching the locals and taking in the scene. Very laughable once we found one another when the 11:30 bus pulled in...BK said she saw 'gringos' but did not recognize us, ha! Drive to Alamos only 45 minutes, and hiway much improved from 5-6 yrs ago when last we visited.

Alamos Info

In 1533 Diego de Guzman, first Euro to pass thru present site of Alamos, hunting Indians to sell as slaves.

Town founded in 1684, Alamos name comes from the poplar/cottonwood tree native to the area ...1780's the area became the richest town in Sonora...many of today's restored mansions date from this period...population reaches 30,000.


We hiked to El Mirador for an overview of city, now 10,000 (350+/- Gringos), see photos.


We hike to La Aduana, a nearby town where historic silver mine was first developed 1664, the richest one in all Mexico. The church dates from 1630 when a miracle occurred...legend tells of Mayo Indians having a vision of a woman atop a cactus. They piled up rocks to rescue her but the vision disappeared, however, a rich vein of silver appeared where the rocks had been. The church built to commemorate the site has a healthy cactus growing out of the stone wall some 12 feet above ground. With the right light the shadow thrown looks like a praying woman.


Met Ted & Jean Glattke who have been in Alamos 20 + yrs. Ted, an audiology doctor, is spearheading a program to bring low cost hearing aids to this part of Mexico. See Visit Solaraid Info

It seems when talking w/ folks of our generation (50-70) we are all accutely aware of a special time passing. The parents and those in the 75-95 age braket who went thru WWII and were in their prime during the 50´s & 60´s have a completely different (now, I think, lost) perspective of life/the world. Seen thru their eyes of winning a war and the huge opportunities and advances which occurred in the past 50 years, they perhaps have a huge cushion against disappointment. Optimism reigned and was passed on to children (self included) thinking anything is possible. Then Vietnam, Kennedy´s, economic turmoil/stagnation/flation('70s), and a general turning away from government, even blaming government & politicians for our woes caused many to turn inward, becoming very selfish & individualistic...me-against-the-world. Losing a sense of who we are in common, becoming obsessed with searching for a way to ´make it´(whatever that meant)whatever the cost became a mantra. As I lived it I saw politicians turn from the business of doing what´s best for the general good to doing what´s best to get re-elected, CEOs and belief systems built upon a hierachy of control (science as well as religion) worked to maintain their positions instead of look to the people who put them there, the customers, the students, the parishoners, etc. The common man-woman (silent majority) just became a pawn to be manipulated for pursuit of power and wealth. The Great American Dream (the media version on TV & radio, and later internet) was advertized and sold as a commodity and credit became the vehicle to get it. All leading toward a fantasy retirement community complete w/ golf course or beach, and relaxation w/ friends over 5 pm cocktails.

I was one who naively believed that all things were possible, my optimism showed me a world as a place to make a home, a family, love and live in peace.

Always war was ¨out-there¨, even during Vietnam and TV only brought it home when friends or relatives suffered, but that was still not considered a waste of life or resources! Patriotism continued under the surface even as more violence evolved around the world due to the increasing spread between rich and poor and education continued to decline worldwide. Addressing these issues (violence & education) seemed to come only as secondary to war and ´protecting´ our ´homeland´ Such is the world today, and it is increasingly clear that perhaps there is a violence gene, a human need for war! I shudder to think where the ´powers that be´ planning our futures have in mind for when they can no longer contain themselves, can no longer hold back the vast masses of poor and uneducated who live day to day on the crumbs we wealthy drop by the wayside.

Travel has brought clarity, living here/now is difficult for us humans. Always we refer to some history - recent & and personal - which teaches us our civilization. It guides our present so completely that we easily fall victim to fear or distrust and a need to control or somehow arrange our lives, our destinies. To this end we abdicate our personal responsibility for our own lives, granting to political, religious, economic leaders the power to make decisions for us. The present reality I see is that these leaders rarely see and often do not care to protect or take the responsibility granted them to act for the benefit of all. First and foremost, their actions are to control or arrange things for their own personal lives.

For my own part I have discovered that this is also an illusion, especially if I am not tuned into the here and now. I am just as apt to act out of fear or distrust (my pessimism) and trying to avoid 'negative' consequences only. Or just as likely, say things which aggrevate or end in unhappy or unproductive directions. Most often it is allowing 'the current' to carry me along which in the end makes the most sense.

So much depends on the unseen and unknown consequences of other peoples actions that I only stress myself by trying to contol outcomes. I think for me it is a question of trying to focus more on what is happening moment to moment w/o concern for my self. Trying to be in tune with others and my environment more, that is my definition of responsible behavior.

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