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I headed back to Santa Cruz after Inti Wara Yassi and it was nice to get out of the humidity of the jungle and feel clean again. A group of us went out for a meal on the first night. Then people headed on to their next destination and 2 of us stayed a second night. We then got (yet another) overnight bus, this time to Quijarro which is a Bolivian town that borders Brazil. After a 2 hour wait for the border to open we crossed into Corumba on the Brazilian side and after another long, but this time air conditioned and comfortable bus journey, we arrived in Bonito. This is a pretty little tourist town. The hostel here was really nice and we stayed here for 2 nights. On the second day we rented a bike and cycled to a small river for a swim. The water was really clear, and it was full of huge fish. It was a really hot and sunny day and despite not really wanting to swim alongside such big fish, it was nice to cool off in the water. I then had to cycle back in the heat and just made it in time for the next bus, a 20 hour journey to Foz de Iguassu. With the powerful air conditioning I managed to cool off from my bike ride and stop sweating about 2 hours in to the journey!

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