European Delights 2009 travel blog

Yesterday was just a travel day, first driving to Dublin, about 2 hours away then a flight to Stansted, about 2 hours and a bus to the main bus station another 2 hours before meeting our friend Kate whom we met last year in China. Being that the Tube was down we took another bus but thankfully it was only a few stops. The day was really warm, t-shirt weather and most welcome! We had a quick catch up at her lovely Stockwell apartment then dressed up for dinner and a night out. The girls just looked lovely, we trotted doen to Covent Gardens for some Greek. The restaurant was lovley and simple serving great food and the best service I have ever had. Not a long night as we were tired, we caught the tube home about 1am, lovely day :)

On to today, the weather was nice today, warm although cloudy. We took it easy, meeting up with another friend from china, Katie whom came up from Hamstead about 2 hours south of London. Kate's flatmate joined us as well for a walk down the Thames path, stopping at the sights along the way. We passed Shakesspeares globe, I booked into a show for my return after Spain, also found out Gunthry from Bodyworld (a show on SBS a while ago where he autoposied bodies live) has an exhibition on at the O2 stadium, so I booked this one too. Will be really interesting. We crossed the Millenium bridge and walked around Westminster and Big Ben before heading home for a home cooked meal.

Tiredness had caught us all so well settled for a movie and early night!

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